Della Morris- Francis

Della Morris- Francis

Everywhere I go I see patterns now.  I see random pictures on Pinterest or on TV and think, “Wow, that would make a cool beading project”.  I fear I am on the brink of a new obsession.

I tend to be drawn more to linear progressions of pattern.  More Frank Lloyd Wright, less Alphonse Mucha.  More Deco, less Nouveau.  Maybe it is just because I know layout would be easier, but I’ve always like patterns.

FLW ish

When I was a dancer, drums were always my favorite.  Patterns again.  I can still rock a pair of zills like nobody’s business.

If my sewing skills were anything to write home about, I might have gotten into quilting like the beautiful example up top.  I don’t have the patience for fiddly bits of fabric.  But pretty piles of sparkling glass that you can stir with your finger like a dragon playing with its trove?  I can get into that.



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